The Impact School Academy: Follow The Profit Path To Start Your Online Coaching/Consulting Business
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 Step-By-Step Implementation PLUS Personal Feedback, Audits, And Coaching Makes This The Only Program You'll Ever Need To Do
 4 Phase, Guided System To Create A Full-Time Online Coaching Business And Get Paying & Excited Clients
 Plug 'n' Play Scripts, Forms, Templates & Funnels To Save You Time & Prevent Any Guesswork
 100+ Happy & Successful Past Students Who Now Have Thriving Online Coaching Businesses.
This Is A Super-Supportive & Step-By-Step Eight Week Online Coaching Program
With Personal Consulting
What You’ll Gain Through Joining:

Clients On-Demand

You will never struggle with lack of interest again. This coaching program teaches you how to authentically market your own coaching and get new clients whenever you want.

A Team To Solve Your Problems

You do not need Google when you join this program. Instead, you turn to us for the right answer.

You are getting access to a team of five expert business coaches who will answer all questions you have, and audit absolutely everything that you do, so that you know what you are doing is right (and if it is not, we will tell you).

Your new Sales Coach is the exact Sales Expert who runs the Sales inside Impact School. Lauren's team is now your team, too.

An Automated Business

You will set-up all the business systems you need so that you can automate your business and:

Money &

We've already done all the work and created the systems for you. You will save thousands and months because all you need to do is click a button and your core sales system and web-pages will be imported for you.

The Ability To Work From Anywhere

You will create a real, service-first online business which means that you are free to work where you want, when you want, how you want. You’ll no longer have to trade time for money, and will finally be able to work on what you love.

The Exact, Step-By-Step Blueprint

You will know exactly what, when, and how to execute… so that you have zero confusion.

I literally tell you exactly what to do, and on which day, so that you can get the fastest and most optimal results.

Plus, you get plug 'n' play scripts and templates so you don't need to think about it or second guess anything.
Our Clients Had The Same Feelings As You...
"I'm going to wait a few months... I'll be more ready then."
"There are other cheaper programs out there."
"I'm afraid it won't work for me."
"It's a lot when I don't have any clients yet."
"I know I need it, but I just don't have the money."

Sooo... We asked some Impact Your Online Business students if they're still thinking all of the above... and here's what they said:
Their success videos would never have made it to this page if they had let the thoughts in the back of their mind win...
"I love what you do... I follow your stuff and I like what you're doing to help people."

- Grant Cardone, $1.2Bn Property Under Management, Influencer, Sales & Business Mentor
"What a badass. I wish I had the momentum and what you have going on at 22."

- Billy Gene, 
"As someone who's helped multiple businesses grow organically via social media, I love the emphasis that Lauren puts on taking action and moving quickly. Step-by-step guides can range from misleading to outdated and useless, but I'm very impressed with this. Lauren has put together a great process for building your personal brand and translating it quickly into an online coaching business."

- Lawrence Judd, Consultant For Online Businesses
If You Were To Do This Without This Program (Impact Your Online Business), Here's What You'll Need:
  • A Brand Positioning Course = £750 Investment
  • A Program Which Gives You A Fail-Proof Online Coaching Business Plan = £2000 Investment
  • ​A Course Which Teaches You About Online Marketing = £997 Investment
  • ​A Course Which Teaches You How To Use Social Media = £1997 Investment
  • ​A Course Which Teaches You About Sales = £4997 Investment
  • ​A Strategic Client Path (Because Websites Are A Waste Of Time) = £15,000-£25,000
  • ​A Lawyer To Create Contracts & Ensure Your Business Is Legitimate = £200 Per Hour Minimum
  • ​A Course On How To Actually Coach Clients = £750 Investment
  • A Coach For Daily Personal Feedback, Accountability & Audits (£8000 For Someone Who Really Knows Online Coaching)
= £34,691 (Minimum)
We Don't Want You To Have To Try And Piece It All Together And We Never Want You To Have To Invest All That To Get Started...
That's why Impact Your Online Business gives you all of that and much more... All In one place and in the right order.
There are 3 core components to Impact Your Online Business
(The £34,691+ of value is included in these three components):

1. Proven Step-By-Step Program

Google is not required when you join Impact Your Online Business.

We tell you:

1. What to do.
2. When to do it.
3. How to do it.

...To go from where you are now, to where you want to be.

This program has been implemented by over 100 people around the world who are now successful online coaches.

It works because we take away all your guesswork and give you a roadmap to execute.

This path is given to you in the perfect order to ensure your time is being used in the most efficient way possible.

The moment you join, you get access to your own private e-learning portal to ensure you can always pick up exactly where you left off... and execute on the right thing, at the right time, with the most optimal strategy.

You get lifetime access to all of the above so that you can revisit any of the content as and when you want or need to.

2. Done For You Services

It's just plug 'n' play with us.

We have created all the things you need, paid the consultants, and spent money on the lawyers to create contracts...

We don't want you to waste time and money doing this when we already have.

We are giving you the most optimal templates, scrips, web-pages, forms, and everything else you may need...

That means you don't need to spend years fine-tuning and tweaking everything, and simply just click a button and change a few colours/photos... And you are good to go.
We Have Already Completed The Jigsaw Puzzle For You. All You Need To Do Is Execute...

3. Personal Consulting & Live Coaching Calls

We teach what we do.

...Because our formula works.

That's why, alongside the step-by-step program (mentioned above), you are given hands-on support, feedback, and accountability.

This is the most supportive program you will find.

...We made sure of that.

You get access to five different coaches who all have a different speciality, to ensure you are getting the best consulting possible.

Our coaches are the best of the best.

Our coaches check and audit every single thing that you do. And if they think something needs to be changed, they will do it for you and explain the reasoning behind it.

This is not an online course: this is hands-on coaching and consulting

Inside this program, you will be replicating this exact online coaching model because it is the most transformative system there is.

We tailor the one-on-one feedback to YOU, YOUR niche, and YOUR goals... No matter what they may be.
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This Program Follows Our Impact Profit Path. Here's How It Works:
The moment you enroll, you get immediate access to Impact Your Niche so that you can gain 100% clarity on who you are going to be providing online coaching for.

Everything outlined here, we show you exactly how to do and we give you everything you need to make it happen:
One week after starting Impact Your Niche, you begin on Phase 1.
Week 1
  • FOCUS = Creating Your High-Ticket Program & Selling To Low Hanging Fruit
Week 2
  • FOCUS = Launching Your Offer To Social Media
Week 3
This week, there is 'fitness coach steps' and 'all other coach steps,' because setting up systems as a fitness coach is different than any other coach (because you need to provide workouts on a different client management software). We've simply created a 'fitness coach only' module which non-fitness coaches can skip past!
  • FOCUS = Setting-Up Your High-Converting & Automated Lead Generation System
Week 4: Implementation Week
This week is to avoid overwhelm and to ensure you have enough time to set everything up professionally.
  • FOCUS = Continuing To Get Clients While Finishing All Your System Set-Up
Phase 3 = DELIVERY
Week 5
  • FOCUS = Ensuring You And Your Business Are Legally Backed And Set-Up For Financial Success
    Week 6
    • FOCUS = Setting Up Your Client Management Systems To Ensure You Are Providing The Best Customer Experience
    Week 7
    • FOCUS = Starting Working With Your First Few Clients
    Week 8
    • FOCUS = Understanding How To Scale Into The Long Term
    Each Week You Get 4 Live Coaching Calls For Feedback On The Things You're Working On So That You Never Feel Lost Or Confused On What To Do Next

    PLUS You Get 24/7 Support From 5 Business Coaches Who Will Give You Personal Feedback, Critique, And Audits On Everything You Do
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