We'll Show You How To Scale -> $100,000+ 
...As A Coach/Consultant/Course Creator
...As A Coach/Consultant/Course Creator
While Changing People's Lives & Traveling The World…
...Through implementing our hustle-free "Impact Roadmap" which empowers you to generate leads, close clients, and deliver life-changing results... All without ads or a following. 
"I can't believe I now have a £15,000 per month online legal coaching business!"
"...I thought I'd tried EVERYTHING before joining The Academy. Now I know I was trying to be successful with all the wrong things.

Before starting, I was hustling and working 16 hour days, trying to get clients as a freelance lawyer so I could quit my full time job at a law firm. Since enrolling with you guys, I've left my job, switched my freelance work to legal coaching, and I just signed another £1200 client today! This is a normal day for me now, and I know that this is just the beginning!"
- Babs Jamieson. Founder, Protect Your Empire
That's why
81% Of Coaches Fail Within The First 2 Years
- International Coaching Federation

Everything you’ve been trying to piece together from podcasts, webinars, and courses isn’t working.
Frustration, Fear, Failure...
Perhaps you're fortunate enough to be reading this page so early on that this is your starting step. If that's you, then hats off to ya: you're going to save yourself years of disappointment.

For most, you may be here right now because you're worried your friends are going to find out that you're not as successful as you make out to be.

Maybe you've wasted a bunch of time and money on systems that don't work, or that you don't really need.
By now, you're probably considering giving up and going back to a 'real' job.
Or you've tried a load of different things and are wondering where to focus your efforts....
Social Media Content?
Building a 
With all these ‘gurus’ (who have never even had their own business beforehand) preaching a different strategy, your attention is on the wrong things which aren’t moving you forward...
And that doesn't take into account all the consultants, course creators, and other experts out there...

The good thing is that we found a solution to this problem for them all.

With The Impact Offer? That 19% Success Rate Skyrockets To 97%*.
*97% of our clients are predicted to reach a $100,000 business within LESS THAN the first 2 years.
Let's get real.
Our goal is to help you reach your definition of success
So, let's hear about some of the people who've already used our methods to MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Here's how we work:
 Step-by-step implementation to sign your first 1-5 high paying clients as soon as 10 days.
You don’t need more information; you need implementation. We help you take action on the things which are going to allow you to sign high paying and committed clients within 10 days of getting started. That’s possible thanks to the fact that we’ve already done all of the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. So, rather than doing all the complex techy things yourself (or paying someone to get them done), we save you the overwhelm through breaking it down simply for you and telling you exactly what to do and when.
 Consistently enroll your dream clients month after month for a predictable income.
Lots of business coaches teach ‘opening and closing the cart’ through launching. Why? Because it means that the income their clients make is temporarily overinflated; which means that the business coach gets more impressive testimonials. What you don’t see is the months and months of zero-to-minimal earnings that those clients deal with on the back of those stressful launches. Instead of the uncertainty, we teach you the automated systems to consistently enroll your dream clients so that your income is predictable and you always know where your next customer is going to come from.

 Unlimited access to hands-on coaching & consulting to answer every question and piece of work you have.
There are no other programs out there which provide you with as much support as Impact School’s Academy. We work closely with you until you see success. With unlimited access to a team of specialised marketing, sales, mindset, productivity, legal and business advisors; you get consistent accountability and support, no matter what. Our team will work with you one-on-one until you have 100% clarity and your problem or question is totally answered.

 Done FOR you funnel and systems so your automation is on autopilot.
We don't want you to stress out about setting up your website, email list, sales funnel, coaching software, social media, or anything else... That's why we've done it all for you. Instead of wasting month of time and throwing money down the drain on systems you don’t need, you're going to be able to plug 'n' play the things which work. 
With us, all that takes under a day
We Teach What We Do.
Because it F#CK!N' Works.
You're getting the exact methods we've used to hit six figures in a B2C industry and 7 figures in a B2B industry.
Impact Offer Creation
We take your existing knowledge and experience; and help you package them up into a sellable and defined offer* that’s totally in line with your goals. 
*An offer is the value you provide to the market. It’s your ‘product’!
Consistently Convert Clients
Bringing in new clients everyday may sound like a dream right now. However, it’s not uncommon for those who join Impact School’s Academy. We provide you with the systems, marketing, and sales-skills you need to automatically enroll committed clients into your Impact Offer daily. 
Serve & Scale
Getting clients results is the lifeblood of your business. To have long term success and to avoid burnout and resenting your customers, you need to know how to deliver results on auto-pilot. We help you implement exactly what we do, to guarantee that your clients will refer you to other people and want to work with you into the long term.
Let's get started.
We will help you create a life of freedom and fulfilment.
We don't like to rush into anything. That's why we like to have a no-pressure chat with you on Facebook about your goals and what you're looking to achieve, to make sure we can help you. So, click the button below and let's speak on Facebook:
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